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Melbourne In Photos

Melbourne In Photos (2006 – 2013) – Regular photos and information from Melbourne, Australia.

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ROA Street art 1ROA Street art 2

ROA Street art

Awesome echidna street art in Argyle street, Fitzroy by the talented ROA.

Rone Street Art 1Rone Street Art 2Rone Street Art 3

More Street art from RONE

Three more shots of the awesome work of RONE. These ones are public street art. Two are of ‘Unstoppable’ on the side of the Vegie bar in Fitzroy, (great restaurant by the way), the other is a block away and shows ‘Don’t stop’ again.

See all my RONE posts HERE.

Melbourne Star 2Melbourne Star 3Melbourne Star 4Melbourne Star 1

Melbourne Star

Well finally after years of false starts, re-builds, alterations, fixes, and more, the new observation wheel in Melbourne has finally opened. The ‘Melbourne Star’ is Continue Reading →

Phillip Island 1Phillip Island 2Phillip Island 3Phillip Island 4Phillip Island 5Phillip Island 6Phillip Island 7Phillip Island 8Phillip Island 9Phillip Island 10Phillip Island 11Phillip Island 12Phillip Island 13Phillip Island 14Phillip Island 15Phillip Island 16Phillip Island 17Phillip Island 18Phillip Island 19Phillip Island 20Phillip Island 21Phillip Island 22Phillip Island 23Phillip Island 24

San Remo & Phillip Island

I had reason to spend a couple of nights down in San Remo a few days ago. I took the opportunity to take several shots of Continue Reading →

Baby Guerilla Substation 1 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 4 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 5 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 6 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 8 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 9 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 10 HDRBaby Guerilla Substation 11 HDR

New Baby Guerrilla Street at at the Substation, Newport

Huge new art from Baby Guerrilla that went up just yesterday on the entrance to the Substation in Newport. This gallery of pics is shot in HDR.

19th November 2013

Melbourne – Liveable City

For the third year running, Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city, but anyone who lives here knew it was pretty great already. It doesn’t take a title for us to work it out. In accordance with this, my new ETSY shop has been named ‘LiveableCity’ – you can visit it here.

Blue 1Blue 2Blue 4Blue 5Blue 6Blue 7Blue 8Blue 9Blue 10Blue3

Adrian Doyle turns Rutledge Lane blue

Probably the most ‘famous’ of street art locations in Melbourne is Rutledge Lane or Hosier Lane in the city. I have shown many works from here before. Over the weekend Adrian Doyle painted Continue Reading →

Coldest Melbourne morning for 11 years

Apparently we just had the coldest morning in Melbourne for 11 years. It was 2.3 degrees Continue Reading →

Flinders pier this afternoon

Flinders pier this afternoon. 90 minutes out of the city of Melbourne.

19th June 2013

Flinders beach this afternoon

Flinders beach this afternoon. 90 minutes out of the city of Melbourne.

19th June 2013

Webb Bridge in the rain 6Webb Bridge in the rain 2Webb Bridge in the rain 3Webb Bridge in the rain 4Webb Bridge in the rain 5Webb Bridge in the rain 1Webb Bridge in the rain 7

Webb Bridge in the rain

Seven more shots (including two black & white) of the Webb Bridge last night during the rain. Docklands, Melbourne.

14th June 2013

Latrobe Street

Latrobe Street shot from the Docklands at night.

13th June 2013

Bolte Bridge at night

Well I’ve shown it many times before, but it’s becoming rather iconic for Melbourne. The Bolte Bridge, shot from Docklands.

7th June 2013

Dinosaur attacks observation wheel

Dinosaur attacks the southern star observation wheel! Well not really of course but there is this model dinosaur looking rather menacing in the Docklands at the moment.

Continue Reading →

Docklands at night

Docklands at night, Melbourne, Australia

8th June 2013

Point Addis again

Another shot from Point Addis beach down the Great Ocean Road. Just 75 minutes from the city of Melbourne.

5th June 2013

Wallan HDR

Wallan lies one hour north of the city of Melbourne.

7th May 2013.

Dream Home 1Dream Home 2Dream Home Info

Dream Home sculpture.

New recycled sculpture in Footscray. It is entitled “Dream Home” which is clever as it is made out of old mattress springs. It is the work of Frank Veldze. The information about the art is shown in one of my photos, and explains it is based on a life sized classic Australian miner’s cottage.

Thomas Chemicals Building

This is the old Thomas Chemicals building in Footscray. It is about to go under a rather large transformation.

Rock Wall, Prahran

Lovely rock wall home entrance in Prahran, Melbourne.

Art – Not for sale

None of my posts/photos of art, street art or otherwise, are or ever will be for sale. In my view the original artists retain the copyright and this should be the case everywhere. This includes on Instagram or any where else. They are shown here purely to share, enjoy. If any artists wish me to remove any photos for any reason, please just let me know. Cheers.

Adnate 1Adnate 2

Adnate Street art

A couple of awesome street art works by Matt Adnate and the AWOL crew, both in Fitzroy. You can see another of his works I posted here.

Minmal wall 1Minmal wall 2Minmal wall 3Minmal wall 4Minmal wall 5Minmal wall 6Minmal wall 7Minmal wall 8

Eight minimal wall shots

Just some walls around the place.

Point Nepean 1Point Nepean 2Point Nepean 3Point Nepean 4Point Nepean 5Point Nepean 6Point Nepean 7Point Nepean 8Point Nepean 9Point Nepean 10Point Nepean 11Point Nepean 12Point Nepean 13Point Nepean 14Point Nepean 15

Point Nepean

Fifteen shots from the lovely Pont Nepean National Park, past Portsea. Continue Reading →